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IN THE WOODS NEWSPAPER nº 03 Tabloid | 28 pages
TEXTS used in the newspaper
Babe in the woods. An innocent person with no experience who is involved in a complicated situation that they do not understand. The term originated in a popular ballad of 1595, ‘The children in the wood’, about two young orphans who are abandoned in a forest and die.
Some English translation equivalents of wú or mu are: ‘no’, ‘not’, ‘nothing’, or ‘without’ / nothing, not, nothingness, un-, is not, has not, not any [1] Nonexistence; nonbeing; not having; a lack of, without. [2] A negative. [3] Caused to be nonexistent. [4] Impossible; lacking reason or cause. [5] Pure human awareness, prior to experience or knowledge. [6] The ‘original nonbeing’ from which being is produced in the Daode jing.