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YU KROSI DE KROSBE / Dichtbij is je kleding / Your clothes are near | Working with students of Nola Hatterman Instituut, Paramaribo. The project was about researching their own clothing and the histories told by their family and friends. They had to interview grandparents to discover the recent history. In particular stories about clothing and clothing rituals. Each day we did some warm ups. For example: an extension for the body / folding a skirt / story telling about one subject / covering an object with textile / drawing their complete wardrobe / etc. In the end we made an exhibition. We put posters in the centre of the city and made an indigo performance.

INDIGO Indigo was cultivated in the period when Suriname was a colony of Tthe Netherlands. The students made a performance coloring white textile into indigo blue.
JEANS INDIGO. Some years ago you were not safe in the centre of Paramaribo wearing jeans of G Star. The pants were pulled off your ass. In the centre students glued posters that said: this is not a G Star this is ART.
Thank you students: Abouna / Jeanet / Natascha / Derandami / Daniel / Annemarie / Leonie / Jeanet / Bryan / Horton / Melvio / Anita / Radha / Dhiradj / Derandamie / Gordon / Ruben / Ajajso
Thank you Nola Hatterman Instituut: Rinaldo Klas and all teachers and staff of Tthe Gerrit Rietveld Academie: Tijmen van Grootheest