022 Marcus A
022 Marcus B

The legacy nº 03 M.A.R.C.U.S A mattress for you Marcus. Posthumously. Dyed all textile pieces in the house indigo / black and piled and stitched them together


BODO was used as sheets to sleep on during the night, and oftentimes was also used during childbirth as the sheet for the baby to be delivered on. The typical childbirth style back in time in Aomori was done by a sitting position as the mother supported her whole body by gripping onto strings hung from the ceiling. In a broad sense, BODO is a patched sheeting cloth that was painstakingly sewn together from multiple pieces of cloths that had once been worn by their ancestors (a person related to you who lived a long time ago). This sacrosanct piece of sheet lasted through many generations of households; generation after generation of history was sewn into each strand of this BODO, leaving traces of the families themselves for the following generations.
Every childbirth is accompanied with infinite cycles of life and death. The newborn baby delivered on the BODO receives unspoken blessings from it. A universal understanding of the profound meaning of BODO explains. ‘ You are and will never be alone. Look at this BODO that holds you, you are protected among the all-embracing numbers of descending family bonds. You are now officially part of us. Welcome!