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EXERCISE FOR DYING nº 3 | Performance | Curepark | Amsterdamse Bos
Emmeline de Mooij + Giene steenman | In cooperation with Suns and Stars Marjoca de Greef

Exercise for Dying – performance and workshop by Emmeline de Mooij and Giene Steenman. Participants bring their own full vacuum cleaner bag, the content of this bag is the basis for a meditative workshop. Dust is the result of degradation and decay and a confrontation with mortality. Exercise for
Dying begins by contemplating our own mortality and moves through the performance of repetitive acts such as sweeping, dusting and brushing, to free space and the possibility of reflection. Cleaning and housekeeping is often done in seclusion. In our homes we make sure the cleaning is done before the guests arrive and professional cleaners do the job often very early in the morning before the day begins. Emmeline de Mooij and Giene Steenman will guide you through Huishoudschool 2: an exercise for dying. Confrontation and rehearsal as self-medication.

Amorphous, dust is found within all things, solid, liquid, or vaporous. With the atmosphere, it forms the envelope that mediates the earth’s interaction with the universe. (…) Dust is everywhere because its source is everything.

Dust: A History of the Small and the Invisible, Joseph A. Amato.