001 GET REAL 1920 C2

‘GET REAL | REAL SELF’ Joke Robaard and Giene Steenman with editing team Erik Wong, Eva Heisterkamp, Mariëtte Wijne
Curating the exhibition commissioned by Arnhem Fashion Biennale Amber at Museum of Modern Art Arnhem

Get Real/Real Self
The shifting reality of everyday clothing and habits. An ongoing archive that shows the social constructions surrounding the concept of clothing. Visitors were guided through a spatial exposé, from high to low culture, between couture and everyday clothing, from actual garments to photographed garments. Central to this are issues of identity, uniformity, habits and readability. Get Real/Real Self presents the garment as a mediator between private and public, in a way that leaves room for new meanings and associations. What inner processes underlie the system of outer presentation.

With works of: Annesas Appel | Karin Arink | Martijn Beekman | Francisco van Benthum | Revital Cohen | Wendelien Daan | Ann Demeulemeester | Henk Jan Dijks | Joff | Frosti Gnarr Gunnarsson | Katharine Hamnett | Barbara Herrmann | Humanoid | Keupr/van Benthum | Klaartje Martens | Orson+Bodil | Erik Refner | Rozema/Theunissen | Raf Simons | Franz Erhard Walther | Floor Wesseling | Students Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Team Museum of Modern Art Arnhem
Hedwig Saam, Eveline Holsappel, Yvette van der Zande.
Communication and production: Anke Verhees | Andersom production assistant: Renee van der Hoek

Thank you: Museum Volkenkunde Leiden | Van Abbe Museum | Centraal Museum Utrecht | Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Rijnja Repro Amsterdam | Gerrit Rietveld Academie | Cocomat Amsterdam | Pieter Aartsen | Paul Dezentjé | Mo Veld | Sint Willibrordus Abdij Doetinchem | Pater Co Jansen | Karin van der Linde | Rachid Naas |Tanja Rapati | Drukkerij Tienkamp Groningen